Stewart Mountain at Saguaro Lake
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If you've ever been to Saguaro Lake, you've no doubt
noticed the billboard looking thing on the mountain just
west of the lake?
A zoomed in view.  That's where we're headed!
Looks easy enough, eh?
This was our route up (approximately)
That gully was our route down. Most of the rocks in there are 6-8 feet tall.
Starting the ascent, looking out towards Four Peaks
First view of Saguaro Lake
Patrick trailblazing his way up the slope. You can see how steep it is!
Ah... we're in the saddle.  It's a big valley in between three peaks. The "thing" is somewhere to our left.
Looking back out from the saddle.
In the valley.
There is is! (from the back)
Views of the Superstition Mountains.
There it is - now we have to scramble up to it.
Looking south over the Goldfield Mountains.
Looking north towards Rio Verde

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