Massacre Falls in the Superstition Mountains
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"Look, no hands!" (it was about 300' down!)
My turn to "live on the edge."
Peering over, Weaver's Needle in the background.
Looking over the edge.
Lots of water draining from above.
Massacre Falls, mostly frozen.
We're coming back here in the spring when the falls are flowing strong!
Looking west towards the Praying Hands in the Lost Dutchman state park.  Apache Junction in the background.
Weavers Needle.  See that little speck?
I thought it was dust on the lens, but it turns out to be a crow.
Snowing north and west of Four Peaks.
These two must have thought we would leave a tasty something, they circled us for quite some time.
Where we came from.  The needle we passed, and the parking lot to the left of it.
Growing out of the side of the cliff.
Shadows over Four Peaks.  The lighting changed every minute!
Yours truly
Taking in the sights
Looking northwest at the Goldfield Mountains below.

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