Massacre Falls in the Superstition Mountains
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Starting out, see the deer?
There they are!
Zoomed in
There's the buck, see him?
Zoomed in again
Back to hiking...
Looking back on the Goldfield Mountains and the nice cloud formations.
We'll be going east of that little needle in the right-center.
Four Peaks in the distance
The true trail in actually against those hills (we missed it and had to cross-country to get to the trail)
Closer to the needle we found the trail.  We'll end up on the lower ridge in the background.
On the east side of the needle.
A little ice in the pools, although it wasn't too cold (55-ish?)
Heading up into the Superstitions.
Looking back towards that little needle, you can see we're gaining elevation.
Cool couds!
Rough terrain!
Four Peaks again
Massacre Falls are in view now, that little black stripe left-center.
Zoomed in.  We'll end up on that cliff to the left. it's about 20 feet wide, and drops off further on the other side!
Lots of seepage, all of it frozen
Looking back at Four Peaks again
Whoa...!!!!  The other side of the cliff on the earlier picture.

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